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This site is brought to you from Snowflake, and Stealth. The two cats that run my household. They think that there are some great resources out there for all you cat lovers to use. They are diligently seeking out the best of the best and will posting them here on the resources page.

A little about the Home Rulers:

  Ah, cats! You may be in doubt whether to love them or hate them. Most probably, if you are in the “hate them camp”, you missed, or shall I say, you really don’t appreciate more than just the beauty of cats. You know, there are many reasons why you should shift to the “love them camp!” Cats seemed to be sharper, since they have various abilities such as freeing rats, mice, and other pesky critters. You really don’t have to use chemicals or buy traps because your cats will be in charged. Well, it means that there is no fuss anymore. And are you familiar with their purrs, which sound like a motor. Probably, it is the cutest thing that you realize of having cats. And, there you will realize that he likes you, or loves you. How sweet!

To bring back the love to them, even if you belong to the “hate them camp”, you can join on forums to deal with other cat lovers, or haters. You will definitely learn a lot from them! And if you want your beloved cat to meet his beloved co-creature, you can try to match them. You really don’t have to search them personally and physically. You can learn in just a single click. But, be extra careful, because some other sites are scams. Make sure to have proxies for cyber protection!

  Snowflake - I am 1 year old and have been spayed. I gained a lot of weight after that but I am still active and give my owners the best company they could ask for. I enjoy lazing around most of the time and I eat Iams cat food. It's the best. I don't eat people food at all, I don't know how you can stand that stuff. Occasionally though, I will eat frozen yogurt or chip dip. I really like to play with Mom's hair ribbons. I like to bat them under the bathroom closet door and make her get them for me when she goes in there. It's really a lot of fun when you train your owners to do what you want them to do. My favorite place to be is on top of Mom's workstation where I can look down and see what she is doing. Sometimes I fall asleep and wake myself up snoring. How embarrassing. But that's ok because then she will baby me because she thinks I got scared. Hahaha it's great being a cat.

  Stealth - I am about 9 months old and have been neutered.  My parents thought I would settle down and be good if they did the 'snip' on me, but I fooled them, I am just as wild, if not more than before. I am considered the terror of the house since I get into everything. I figured out how to open the cabinets and get all kinds of neat things out to play with. Who wants to play with those things they buy from the store anyway? I think it is much more fun to play with the things they don't want me to play with. I pick on Snowflake a lot but she gives me a run for my money. I got my name because when I was a kitten, I could fly right by her and she wouldn't see me. I eat Iams cat food but prefer people food. Snowflake doesn't have a clue what she is missing.

Having a cat is a great way to bring some fluffy colors into your life. Cats are independent beings that need little supervision that is why they are best for city dwellers, workaholics, people living in apartments, and just mellows. And after a day of hard work, you can take care of them. Besides, they usually love cuddles. They are not like those heavy pooches that don’t fit perfectly in your laps, instead they suit quite nicely. Plus they are so fuzzy and warm that they are ideal for snuggling.

No need for more chores because they know how to bathe themselves. In addition, cats could follow simple instructions, or even without them, they could figure out what to do that it seemed like they are pretty much trained. And if you hate mice, lizards, or giant beetles settling in your houses, why not try to have a cat? They are avid hunters of these little creatures not just for their own benefit, but also for you. But, even though they are most likely perfect, it is best to take good care of them. They also need love, care, and attention. Try to get startup internships if you want only the best for your pet cats.

  Pictures of Snowflake and Stealth will be posted soon.

We've been visited by this many cat lovers!

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